FLYHT’s AFIRS Edge A320 Platform to Launch on Coral Jet

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions and Coral Jet, a startup airline that will service the Caribbean, United States and Canada, announced that Coral Jet has placed an initial order to become the launch customer for the AFIRS Edge. The Edge will be added to Coral Jet’s existing AFIRS satcom products, as previously announced on January 11, 2022.

The AFIRS Edge is an aircraft interface device (“AID”), pushing aircraft data to EFB applications, providing airlines with Wireless Quick Access (WQAR) capabilities, all while serving as a gateway on the aircraft for critical real-time information and onboard data storage. With powerful onboard analytics capabilities, the Edge leverages innovative technology to allow complex analytics to be developed and deployed more efficiently than conventional updates. The Edge also serves as a data port for the Actionable Intelligence services such as fuel management, aircraft health monitoring and real-time engine data reporting. These tools will help airlines recover from the pandemic while monitoring and reducing fuel burn and thereby greenhouse gas emissions.

FLYHT’s development of the Edge as well as its suite of Actionable Intelligence tools was developed with repayable funding support from PrairiesCan through its Western Innovation Initiative.

Kent Jacobs, president of FLYHT stated, “We are very excited to have a launch customer for the Edge product line and plan to complete the STC process for the A319/320/321 and the B737NG this year. Our AFIRS Edge is a light weight, powerful avionics product that provides airlines with a wireless QAR (Quick Access Recorder), AID functions, and ACMS capabilities that will help airlines improve their operational efficiency. Completing these two STCs this year will allow us to meet the demand we are seeing in the marketplace. We see this as a significant step forward in the rollout of this product.”

“FLYHT products have always been ahead of their time, and we see the Edge product line solving most of our data and pilot communication needs,” Wes Gardner, director of Flight Operations of Coral Jet said. “We look forward to the new products being developed for the Edge to help us run an efficient and environmentally friendly airline.”

This contract is valued at approximately $100,000 over the five-year contract term, with potential for increase as Coral Jet’s fleet grows.