FLYHT’s AFIRS Edge Adds Iridium Certus Capability

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions has announced that it is extending its AFIRS Edge avionics product by adding IoT data capture and real-time connectivity for aircraft in-flight. The Iridium Certus 100 service, which was announced as commercially available by Iridium on November 10, 2021, will provide the Edge with real-time, global coverage for data transmissions.

The next generation AFIRS Edge is expected to be available to FLYHT customers in early 2022.

The AFIRS Edge is FLYHT’s industry leading 5G (3G/4G/LTE compatible) Wireless Quick Access Recorder (WQAR), Aircraft Interface Device (AID) and edge computing platform. This Iridium Certus Midband Internet Protocol (IP) satcom device bolsters FLYHT’s real-time Actionable Intelligence capabilities. With the addition of the Iridium Certus link, customers are expected to benefit from real-time, in-flight access to hundreds of aircraft parameters, IoT sensor data, and on-wing execution of machine learning models. The IP data link feature extends FLYHT’s cloud native capabilities to the aircraft and includes the ability to host third party data focused applications on-wing. The lightweight, small footprint AFIRS Edge is applicable to aircraft of all sizes, from regional aircraft to transcontinental jets.

Darrel Deane, Vice President, Solutions for FLYHT, commented, “We are proud to expand upon our longstanding satcom partnership with Iridium by developing this solution alongside Iridium using the licensed Iridium Certus core technology, enabling reliable IP coverage anywhere in the world. FLYHT currently has more than 2,800 aircraft equipped with the patented AFIRSTM system backed by Iridium® satcom technology and we are looking forward to extending this footprint further. Aircraft connectivity is a cornerstone of our SaaS offerings.”

“The AFIRS Edge is another great example of how FLYHT’s team identifies industry needs and develops solutions that provide increased safety and efficiency.” said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president, Iridium, “Iridium is proud of our longtime partnership with FLYHT and is excited to see yet another innovative solution come to the market.”

Last year FLYHT introduced the Actionable Intelligence suite of SaaS applications to provide real-time insights to help the commercial aviation industry operate more efficiently and profitably as it recovers from the global pandemic. This solution set leverages the Company’s proven history of collecting, analyzing and reporting aircraft operational data in real-time. Throughout the pandemic FLYHT has been executing on this plan and continuing to support customers. FLYHT says the AFIRS Edge will provide customers with situational awareness and Actionable Intelligence solutions throughout the duration of all flights. For more information on the AFIRS Edge, visit FLYHT’s website.