Genesys Aerosystem’s Modernized Avionics Suite on Black Hawks Now Certified

Genesys Aerosystem’s Modernized Avionics Suite on Black Hawks Now Certified

Genesys Aerosystems and XP Services announce FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) approval of the Genesys modernized avionics suite for the UH-60A and EH-60A Black Hawk.

While available as a complete avionics suite upgrade, the avionics building block design provides Black Hawk operators the flexibility of an incremental upgrade path to support constrained budgets and installation timeframes, Genesys says. The suite upgrade replaces legacy gyros, which are prone to failure and costly to repair, with solid-state, light-weight, digital Attitude/Heading Reference System.

“We are thrilled to bring an industry-leading cockpit upgrade to the Black Hawk that operators can finally afford,” said Nick Bogner, director of Business Development at Genesys Aerosystems. “Today, features like advanced synthetic vision and high reliability are standard requirements for an avionics upgrade program – the problem is accessibility – the upgrade costs have not been in reach until now. On top of that, Genesys offers the only retrofit IFR autopilot and digital attitude source to replace the obsolete and failure-prone legacy gyros; this package is truly remarkable.”

For operators seeking a full, modern EFIS upgrade, the four large format, NVG-compatible, MIL-STD IDU-680 smart displays replace all standard analog gauges. Each IDU-680 features synthetic vision, built-in FMS (Flight Management System) for both navigation and communication radios, HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System), geo-referenced hover vector, and an elegant interface to special mission systems using Genesys’ patent-pending OASIS (Open Architecture System Integration Symbology) toolset. The dual GPS/SBAS navigation system supports all NexGen procedures, including the new PinS (Point in Space) helicopter approaches, USCG search and rescue patterns, and user-defined precision approaches. All engine instruments and master caution lights are replaced with quadruple redundant EICAS (Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System) display pages. Coupled to the avionics suite is a fully digital 3-axis IFR certified autopilot for ultimate safety and pilot workload reduction.


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