Greene Tweed Introduces Latest Canted Coil MSE Sealing Solution for Aerospace Applications

Greene Tweed has introduced its new Canted Coil MSE (metal spring energized) sealing solution, designed to further reduce power loss and improve precision movement without sacrificing leakage control or durability. The seals offer broad chemical compatibility and resistance to extreme temperatures, pressure and wear.

Greene Tweed spent two years in the design, development and in-house testing to create this product which they report not only reduces friction but also seals in the most challenging low temperature applications. Benchmark testing against some of the top performing spring energized seals highlighted the compromise in performance at extreme temperatures. Low friction at higher temperatures resulted in high leakage at low temperatures. Prioritizing leakage control at low temperatures resulted in higher friction. Greene Tweed says its new canted coil demonstrated a friction improvement of up to 61% across a wide temperature range while improving leakage control up to 74% especially at lower temperatures. Moreover, unlike an elastomer seal, the MSE seals don’t suffer compression set even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Another benefit to the Canted Coil design is even as the sealing material wears away, the sealing and friction performance remains consistent.

All of this makes the new Canted Coil MSE ideal for a variety of aerospace applications, such as: in Engine and Fuel Systems, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Flight Actuation Systems, Pan and Tilt Systems, and Propeller Actuation and Electric Propulsion Systems.

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