iBASEt Expands Partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

iBASEt, the company that helps its customers simplify how complex products are built and maintained, today announced an expanded partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC), by becoming a Tier 1 MTC member. Demonstrating its commitment to the U.K. manufacturing sector, iBASEt will be making its Digital Operations Suite, powered by Solumina iSeries, available to researchers and members of the MTC’s National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. The cloud-native system will help U.K. manufacturers innovate, collaborate and accelerate the move to a fully digital operations system strategy.

The expanded partnership was announced at an Industrial Transformation Roundtable hosted at the MTC in Coventry. iBASEt was joined by industry experts including Professor Ken Young, technology director, MTC; Tony Newman, principal engineer, Parker Aerospace; and Brian Harvey, managing director, Simportal. The panel discussed how the U.K. manufacturing industry can collaborate to advance digitalization, improve productivity, and address sustainability.

“Our roundtable discussion highlighted that slow digital adoption is making it difficult to attract and retain talent,” Rashpal Mundi, senior partner manager EMEA, iBASEt, said. “The prevalence of paper and spreadsheet-based processes in the manufacturing sector is certainly a factor in people choosing to work in other industries like IT and financial services. In fact, our research shows more than one in four people who left the industry said outdated technology was a key factor in their decision. Running a digital thread across complex operations will be key to driving productivity and engaging with the next generation of U.K. manufacturing talent.”

Professor Ken Young, technology director, MTC, said, “U.K. manufacturing needs to collaborate to compete. Our expanded partnership with iBASEt provides the digital tools required to bring everything together. We all want to complete the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and move to digital, but it’s worth remembering the first industrial revolution didn’t happen in a day. We need to work together to digitize and optimize entire supply chains before U.K. manufacturing can truly reap the rewards.”

Naveen Poonian, CEO, iBASEt, added, “The EMEA market is hugely important to us –- a third of our customers are based here. Our expanded partnership with the MTC is a key part of our growth strategy as we look to drive collaboration and digital innovation across the industry. Now we look forward to further collaborating with our key partners, including MTC members ATS, DXC, PTC and Hexagon, pushing the boundaries to benefit our customers in the U.K. sector. We are excited to be taking even more positive steps to drive change together as part of our long-term commitment to the region.”