iBASEt Launches Knowledge-Centered Service to Support Customer Growth

iBASEt Launches Knowledge-Centered Service to Support Customer Growth

iBASEt announced the launch of a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) program that is intended to simplify resolution of customer support inquiries. As a self-service support program, its aim is to improve support productivity as iBASEt continues its growth trajectory.

The KCS methodology, as defined by the KCS Academy, establishes a knowledge platform to accelerate the successful outcome of customer support issues. By documenting and sharing issues as they arise, a valuable repository of usage intelligence will be available as a customer

Over the past 90 days, overall iBASEt says customer satisfaction has increased to 91 percent, an improvement that was made possible by this and other new programs launched by the company over the first half of 2021.

“By simplifying how complex customer support knowledge is captured and shared, we can be sure our customers can have their needs taken care of in the fastest way possible, and on their schedule,” said Scott Baril, chief customer officer at iBASEt. “This is further testament to our continued investment in business systems and processes that improve our customers’ experience, while at the same time support the company’s scale of growth now underway.”


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