Inzpire Limited to Support UK Maritime Coastguard Agency Flight Trials

Inzpire Limited will be providing planning and operational management to the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) during its UK flight trials of unmanned aerial systems.

The trials will demonstrate the advantages of using long-range unmanned capabilities in civilian airspace.

Inzpire Limited will provide subject matter experts who will be responsible for planning the Search and Rescue (SAR) missions for the platforms as specified by the MCA, and will manage all planning and operational aspects of the demonstration. Working alongside the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Inzpire’s experts will design missions which can be delivered safely inside the bounds of the CAA’s approvals.

During the planning phase, Inzpire Limited will produce a detailed flying schedule in coordination with the airfield operations department. This schedule will build in complexity, taking a measured approach to achieving the MCA’s desire to operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight of the operator in uncontrolled and unsegregated airspace. 

In support of the safe operation in the UK, Inzpire Limited will also produce supporting documents including Standard Operating Procedures and Concept of Operations to assist in continued development of the capability.

After the demonstration, Inzpire will also be responsible for capturing all data and lessons identified, providing a detailed report to the MCA of the findings.

“This is a huge opportunity for Inzpire and we are delighted to be involved in this ground breaking demonstration,” says Paul Rolfe, Inzpire’s head of unmanned and ISTAR experts. “The vast operational experience of the Inzpire personnel will enable the team to meet all of the MCA requirements and enable the demonstration of a significant number of ‘firsts’ for the UK and Inzpire which we hope will aid in the delivery of the safe use of large UAS in the UK service delivery domain.”

Maritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani adds: “Drone technology has enormous potential for our search and rescue teams, who save lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This ground-breaking project will not only hope to boost the capabilities of our already fantastic teams but will also boost our ability to spot pollution hazards and protect our precious marine environment.”

Inzpire’s Unmanned and ISTAR Experts Division

Inzpire’s unmanned and ISTAR experts team have amassed over 50,000 flying hours on both manned and unmanned aircraft. The unrivalled understanding and expertise of the team encompasses everything from sensor and mission payload operators to imagery analysts, intelligence fusion specialists, maintainers, pilots and operators and training needs analysis experts.

Inzpire’s unmanned subject matter experts deliver the full range of unmanned, manned and ISR requirements, including comprehensive training services, research material and the development of concept of employment documents.

The team have successfully completed programmes all over the globe and in many environments from the Middle East to Northern Canada from small scale ventures to large scale programme integration.