Japan Airlines and Sumitomo Corporation Sign Agreement to Develop the Air Mobility Industry with Bell

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Sumitomo Corporation recently entered into a cooperation agreement with Bell-Textron to promote the development of the Air Mobility Industry, including the infrastructure for next generation air transportation methods.

As urban areas become highly concentrated, eVTOL technology has attracted global attention in their efforts to develop the highly anticipated concept of a flying car, as Urban Air Mobility can transport people and goods without the need of a runway and has the potential to operate an eco-friendly service. With this agreement, jointly and collectively, JAL, Sumitomo and Bell will explore business opportunities for air mobility services, deploying Bell’s eVTOL technology in Japan and Asia.

Outline of Agreement
・Market research in Japan and Asia for mobility service utilizing eVTOL technology
・Study mobility services operation platform, including Air-Taxi service
・Promote activities to solve the issues to realize eVTOL operation, including safety, noise, and social acceptance
・Approach related companies and organizations to promote the Air Mobility business

JAL aims to develop a next-generation air mobility operation platform service, such as through flying cars, utilizing knowledge accumulated via safe aircraft operation experience. In addition, through air mobility services, JAL aims to deliver medical care in remote areas through eVTOL technology to achieve key sustainable development goals.