JetBlue Implements Sabre Revenue Optimizer Solution to Gain Real-Time Visibility into Market Activity

Sabre Corporation and JetBlue Airways, a major carrier in the U.S., announced last month the airline’s successful technology migration to Sabre’s Revenue Optimizer solution.

Airline pricing and availability has depended on large volumes of historical booking and pricing data. However, COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented change in market supply and demand, making this data less reliable. Sabre Revenue Optimizer helps airlines adapt to changing market conditions based on the latest real-time market activity.

JetBlue continues to navigate the new travel environment with a steady hand and a long-term view on recovery. “Today’s travel environment is still very fluid, and we look forward to continue working with Sabre. Further leveraging Revenue Optimizer’s capabilities will enable us to drive revenue and set optimal price-point availability, providing analysts with real-time data to better support decision making and performance analysis,” said Dave Clark, vice president of revenue management at JetBlue Airways.

The Revenue Optimizer solution equips JetBlue with an industry-leading product that uses intelligent decision support, customer choice-based demand forecasting and competitive intelligence to enable a 360-degree approach to optimizing revenue streams.

“We are thrilled that JetBlue Airways implemented Sabre Revenue Optimizer to better forecast, analyze and optimize its revenue streams,” said Roshan Mendis, chief commercial officer, Sabre Travel Solutions. “By breaking down data silos that may exist across airline systems, this solution offers unmatched commercial planning integration leading to potential opportunities for increased revenues.”

Revenue Optimizer is a scalable Cloud-native solution that seamlessly supports the future evolution of dynamic pricing. It’s a key building block toward achieving Sabre’s 2025 vision of creating a new market for personalized travel.