Korean Airlines Chooses Lufthansa System’s NetLine Solutions

Lufthansa Systems has gained Korean Airlines as a new customer of its network planning system NetLine/Plan and schedule management solution NetLine/Sched.

Lufthansa Systems says it designed the product to meet the demands for operational integrity and ease schedule management and will provide Korean Airlines with efficient planning and scheduling tools. It will also enable them to respond rapidly to any competitor actions and sales and marketing initiatives that may impact their schedule and operations, the company says.

“We are impressed by Lufthansa Systems’ network planning and scheduling tools, which enable network optimization by automating complicated calculations required for analysis. We are very excited to be a new Lufthansa Systems’ customer, and expect the NetLine products to enable us to enhance our network to meet our customers’ needs and provide stable schedule operations,” said Jeong Soo Park, managing vice president and director of Passenger Network at Korean Airlines.

The South Korean carrier identified the potential to enhance and improve their network planning capability with Lufthansa Systems’ advanced network planning and scheduling applications. NetLine/Plan along with NetLine/Sched provides Korean Airlines with the capacity to optimize their network and increase profitability and resilience of their schedules.  “It was an intensive vendor selection process, listening carefully to Korean Air’s needs and always providing them with the necessary expertise and clarification to enable them to make the right decision,” explained Sergej Bukovac, Project Manager at Lufthansa Systems.

For the first time the South Korean national carrier will also introduce a comprehensive optimizer portfolio with the Lufthansa Systems NetLine Fleet Assigner. The ability to optimize the network and schedule at any point in the planning lifecycle will deliver the flexibility and speed-to-market that Korean Airlines demands. “Sharing the same vision to optimize Network Planning with the industry’s most accurate forecast and planning systems beyond managing everyday life as network schedule planners, we were able to create a win-win strategy while valuing this all-important relationship with Korean Air,” stated Kazuya Ota, Lufthansa Systems vice president, Far East Asia and Taiwan.

NetLine/Plan supports network planners in maximizing profitability across their airline’s entire schedule. It includes balancing commercial constraints, evaluating potential schedule changes in the form of business cases, including new destinations, frequency/time changes, aircraft up/down-gauges, and partnership scenarios with codeshares or alliances. As of today, 17 major airlines from around the world trust NetLine/Plan for their network planning business cases.

NetLine/Sched supports all aspects of schedule development and schedule management, such as schedule visualization and modification, alternative schedule scenarios and their profitability evaluation. It provides additional Slot Management and Slot Monitoring Modules. NetLine/Sched Slot Manager and NetLine/Sched Slot Monitor are fully integrated with the core system. NetLine/Sched Slot Manager facilitates the complete slot handling process over the whole slot season. NetLine/Sched Slot Manager helps airlines to avoid losing valuable historic slots rights as it tracks all planned and actual cancellations in real-time and alerts in case of critical ones. Above this, the NetLine/Sched Slot Management modules work perfectly stand-alone with any existing third-party scheduling and operations solutions.

Optimizers help the airline to increase aircraft productivity or make capacity adjustments for better profitability to meet ad hoc changes. A comprehensive slot management functionality supports the communication with the slot coordinators and the monitoring of historic slots.