L2 Aviation and Global Aerospace Design Corporation Join Forces

L2 Aviation, a leading supplier of global avionics services including engineering, parts,
certification, installation, and manufacturing announced today a strategic agreement with Global Aerospace Design Corporation (Global), a leader in aircraft engineering services, in order to provide customers with L2 Aviation’s exceptional history of achieving results combined with Global’s ability to shorten design and certification cycles. Additionally, L2 Aviation has opened a Cincinnati, Ohio office that stages L2 Aviation and Global in a centralized area to better serve customers.

“I am excited to announce this strategic relationship between Global and L2 Aviation”, said Todd Hamblin, president and CEO of Global Aerospace Design Corporation. “L2 Aviation has an incredible team of dedicated professionals who provide exceptional results focused on minimizing aircraft down-time which blends perfectly with Global’s focus on building lasting customer relationships.”

“By adding Global combined with the opening of an office in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have expanded our ability to exceed customer expectations and expand our capabilities”, said Mark Lebovitz, president and CEO of L2 Aviation. “We are driven to be a dedicated partner for our customers and provide unparalleled support and innovation they can count on. By adding Global to our family, we are able to further demonstrate our commitment to innovating a future our employees and customers can trust.”