L2 Partners with GE Aviation for Installation Services; Includes Avionica miniQARs

L2 Aviation has partnered with GE Aviation to provide remote installation services for the Avionica miniQAR Mk III Quick Access Recorder (Avionica is a GE Aviation company). Under the agreement, L2’s Remote Avionics Maintenance Services (RAMS) will travel to an aircraft’s location and install all hardware, wiring and perform functional testing, returning the aircraft to service under its FAA Part 145 certificate.

L2 originally provided certification services of the miniQAR in April, 2018 with an (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for Part 23 turbine aircraft under a commercial agreement with Avionica. The STC included Honda Jet, Eclipse 500, Cirrus Vision Jet, Daher TBM series, Pilatus PC-12s, Cessna Citation 510s and all 525 models, Embraer 100 and 300, all Textron Beechcraft King Air models plus other Part 23 turbine aircraft. This new services agreement with GE is an extension of L2’s knowledge and experience with miniQAR integration and how they connect and collect data on Part 23 turbine aircraft.

“This is a new and exciting time for L2 as it partners with one of the landmark technology and Fortune 100 companies to provide some of the most valuable parts of a transaction, the direct contact with the customer,” said Mark Lebovitz, president of L2 Aviation. “L2 was started as a remote maintenance provider so after 22 years and hundreds of repeat customers in all aviation segments, we feel confident we can represent GE Aviation with its customers to the level of customer interaction they expect.”

“We’ve appreciated L2’s strong support in the installation of the miniQAR MkIII/avCM combination for operators needing to transmit flight data while on the ground and connected to a local cellular network from anywhere in the world,” said Sean Reilly, vice president of Business Development for Avionica. “I see this relationship continuing to grow and get stronger now as part of GE Aviation.” 

L2 has already performed several installations of Avionica’s miniQARs, as well as their avCM-4G cellular module providing greater data acquisition and instant ground based cellular transmission to maintenance providers and FOQA providers like Austin Digital (acquired by GE Aviation in 2012).