L3Harris Introduces Extra Light Data Recorder Designed for Growing eVTOL and UAM Market

L3Harris Technologies has introduced a new Extra Lightweight Data Recorder (xLDR) designed especially to address the growing light eVTOL and unmanned aircraft systems market. 

The xLDR is a 50% lighter version of the current LDR family in use globally, while providing the same level of crash protection for capturing audio, flight data, video and GPS parameters. It exceeds global mandates and recommendations for crash-protected flight recorders on smaller aircraft and includes enhanced features such as increased collection data rate, auto-recording and pilot-control capabilities. 

The xLDR voice and flight data recorders exceed mandated requirements to protect critical flight information, determine causes of incidences and provide strategic analysis to prevent future occurrences and enhance safety. This same fight data can be easily retrieved using the built-in web server and analyzed after each flight to identify component failures, safety risks and evidence-based training. 

Any subset of the total xLDR memory capability not intended for regulatory-mandated applications can be used and analyzed for capturing videos and GPS recordings. These features can be highly beneficial for OEMs and pilot training.

“Our agility and recorder expertise enabled us to use the LDR design to provide a lighter-weight solution with enhanced features specifically for aircraft used in the Urban Air Mobility market,” said Alan Crawford, president, L3Harris Commercial Aviation. “We anticipated the surge in eVTOL-based air taxis from new OEMs. The xLDR is one of several products and data analytics services we’re developing to meet customer-specific needs and global certifications.” 

The production version of the xLDR will be available to operators in mid-2023.