Lufthansa Systems Launches New Demand Indicators Dashboard

Lufthansa Systems has launched their New Demand Indicators (NDI) Dashboard, a web-based solution that displays schedule insights, weekly market size updates and current travel restrictions through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The newly developed NDI Dashboard enables businesses operating in the aviation industry to analyze and evaluate ever changing supply and demand trends. Based on comprehensive information on scheduled vs. flown flights, supply-driven market size estimates and COVID-19 travel restrictions, decision-makers are able to make smart data-driven choices when rebuilding airline networks in the recovery phase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global air passenger traffic almost to a complete halt. “In these turbulent times we have been working hand in glove with our customers and discovered that most airlines were facing similar challenges,” said Simon Zemitis, head of Network Operation Products at Lufthansa Systems. “We realized that airlines need a faster and a more flexible approach to adapt to new market conditions. To tackle this challenge, we developed an innovative solution that makes reliable market intelligence available promptly. Leveraging an agile development framework, we were able to come up with the brand new tool within just a few weeks.”

Based on industry-leading data sources and Lufthansa Systems’ proprietary models and algorithms, the NDI Dashboard includes the following key intelligence:

  • Scheduled vs. flown flights: Due to the current volatility in the air travel market, it is important to understand which airlines are resuming flight operations and what routes they are operating again. In order to facilitate network planning tasks, the dashboard compares scheduled flights with flights actually flown and filters the results at various levels such as by airline or by route.
  • Passenger demand: In normal times, historical passenger demand figures are an important source for understanding passenger behavior and determining future passenger demand. In times of COVID-19, these historical figures only have limited informative and predictive value. Lufthansa Systems has developed an innovative approach that reliably estimates current market sizes using an optimization algorithm based on supply indicators. By integrating this information into the dashboard, users can follow the development of relevant markets with just a few clicks, both on a global level and for specific routes.
  • Travel restrictions and COVID-19 case trends: In the current situation, travel restrictions triggered by COVID-19 are changing rapidly. Based on Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning solution Lido Flight, valid travel restrictions are extracted from Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs), processed and made available in the dashboard. The tool provides an extensive overview of COVID-19 related passenger and operational restrictions. It also displays the development of COVID-19 cases for each country. This gives airlines the opportunity to implement protective measures in time or to adjust the route network accordingly.

The NDI Dashboard is a lean web-based application featuring a user-friendly interface and clear visualization. “The concept was powered by our extensive network planning expertise, strong data science know-how and access to leading airline industry data sources,” said Jan-Peter Never, product owner NDI at Lufthansa Systems. “The information displayed in our dashboard can be downloaded, allowing users to further process and integrate the data into Lufthansa Systems’ solutions or other applications. Several airlines are already accessing the beta version of the NDI Dashboard and we look forward to making it available to a wider audience including airports and other stakeholders in the aviation industry.”