Lufthansa Technik Provides Condition Monitoring to Avianca

Lufthansa Technik Provides Condition Monitoring to Avianca

Lufthansa Technik and Colombian carrier Avianca have signed a five-year contract that will provide digital Condition Monitoring through the AVIATAR platform. With the new contract, Avianca will be able to receive instant and real-time information about the configuration and condition of its Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft as well as their engines and components – during flight and on ground, all consolidated in one place.

Avianca will be joining a growing list of customers in the Americas utilizing AVIATAR products. Based on aircraft and maintenance data, Condition Monitoring provides an overview of the overall operational aircraft condition. The immediate detection of faults increases troubleshooting efficiency and enables proactive corrective actions leading to higher aircraft availability. With Condition Monitoring, aircraft data (e.g., from the central maintenance computer; aircraft condition monitoring system, or the aircraft movement message) is collected via ACARS (aircraft communications addressing and reporting system) or the SITA network and visualizes the aircraft status and flight schedule. In addition, this health data is combined with work orders and position data. Condition Monitoring provides customizable alerts and notifications on aircraft or fleet level as well as for certain ATA (Air Transport Association) chapters. Thus, the user gains an overview of potential corrective actions for the respective maintenance and repair operations.


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