Morf3D and Siemens Collab to Accelerate Adoption of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Morf3D has announced a collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software to promote the use of additive manufacturing (AM) in advanced design, engineering, and production qualification of metal-based product innovations across a variety of industries. This collaboration equips Morf3D with Siemens’ end-to-end AM software solution from the Xcelerator portfolio and makes Morf3D a preferred Siemens AM partner with access to software in advance of the market. In exchange, Morf3D will provide technical feedback to enhance Siemens’ product development.

Morf3D will be collaborating with the Siemens Digital Industries Software business unit, whose AM solutions within its Xcelerator portfolio helps optimize products and qualify them for AM industrial-scale production.

“The goal of this agreement is to facilitate the advancement of an end-to-end digital solution and develop new strategies for advanced engineering and design,” said Morf3D CEO Ivan Madera. “By partnering we can leverage our unique integrated system of work to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing for development and production of new applications in a variety of industries. Siemens and Morf3D make a good team to accomplish this goal. Siemens has the end-to-end software to drive applications from design through 3D printing, and Morf3D has the expertise in AM operations to leverage that software so we can qualify and deliver those applications with optimal efficiency.”

“Additive manufacturing is a viable technology for innovation in all industries. But, to achieve truly industrialized AM production takes more than technical capability,” said Aaron Frankel, vice president of the AM Program for Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The industry needs partnerships like our collaboration with Morf3D, where ideas, know-how, AM technology, software and most importantly, people, come together to advance the art of the possible by rolling up their sleeves and fully delivering on new and inspiring applications.”

According to Madera, Morf3D is taking the challenge to accelerate the advancement of AM applications a step further. The company plans to launch an industry-wide challenge called “Project Afterburner,” which will give one company, selected based on the value and originality of their AM application idea, an opportunity to bring a project to life from design all the way through 3D printing and post-processing at no cost. Madera estimated that the financial value to the winning company could be up to $100,000.

“We’re launching Project Afterburner for two reasons,” Madera said. “The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of additive manufacturing as a technology for rapid-response innovation. However, the financial uncertainties brought on by the pandemic have made it more difficult for companies to invest in AM operations and application development. We want to help those companies by giving them the resources and know-how they need to realize their dreams for additive manufacturing.”

The other reason that Madera has launched Project Afterburner has to do with the origins of Morf3D. “This will be the fifth-year anniversary of the founding of our company,” Madera said. “We started Morf3D with the spirit of collaboration and revolutionizing manufacturing. It’s only fitting that we celebrate our progress by enabling a company to advance their industry through additive manufacturing.”

Companies interested in Project Afterburner should go to Morf3D is accepting submissions from now October 5th, 2020. Companies must satisfy a number of application requirements related to business case, design optimization needs, metal material usage, build volume size, and project timeframe in order to qualify. Candidates must also agree to allow Morf3D to publicize the progress on their part, the final results, and the benefits of the application.