NAVBLUE acquires Aviolinx, completes N-Operations Control Centre Suite

NAVBLUE has acquired Aviolinx, a Stockholm-based airlines software and services provider. The sales means it can add Operations Control and Crew Management solutions to the existing N-OCC suite.

Aviolinx provisions include N-RAIDO Ops & Crew Management, hich is designed to handle all aspects of Network Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Planning, Crew Management, and day-of-ops Crew Scheduling in a single Flight Operations system. For two years, NAVBLUE has been the exclusive re-seller of RAIDO under the name N-RAIDO Ops & Crew Management.

Fabrice Hamel, Chief Executive Officer at NAVBLUE, says “After two years of partnering with Aviolinx, we are delighted today to welcome them as part of the NAVBLUE family, joining our forces to provide combined offers and reach a larger market penetration, while having a common goal of making tomorrow’s airspace and airline operations more efficient and sustainable. Meanwhile we will expand our global footprint by adding a new office and team in Sweden”.

Joakim ANDERSSON, Aviolinx founder, who will take on the role as Managing Director for NAVBLUE in Sweden, adds We are very excited about this new chapter for Aviolinx. Being part of NAVBLUE will allow us to advance our technical competences and expertise even further in combination with NAVBLUE’s expertise and flight operations resources. We are confident that joining our solutions and offering a fully integrated suite will create unbeatable value for any airline looking for a modern and highly efficient technology solution to manage their operations. We look forward to continuing to be game-changers in the industry as part of NAVBLUE.”