NAVBLUE elevates N-tracking solution with partnerships

NAVBLUE has announced partnerships with AirSense, FlightAware and Aerion in a bid to provide the most complete data sources for its global aircraft tracking software, N-Tracking.

GADSS compliant, N-Tracking is a browser-based Aircraft-Situational-Display solution, providing users with real-time Flight Monitoring, Situational-Awareness and Enroute Communication via a single application. It is part of NABLUE’s N-OCC Suite of applications.

Software functionality includes; configurable automated alerts, real-time weather, flight hazards, airport capacity, and surface tracking allowing a gate-to-gate increased operational situation awareness. N-Tracking also supports various integrations (including any third-party, in-house or NAVBLUE solution.

According to NAVBLUE, the recent ICAO Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS 2018) recommendation has elevated the importance of real-time flight-following and situational-awareness. GADSS requires airlines to receive continuous position reports from all airborne aircraft every 15 minutes in normal operations and every 1 minute in abnormal operations across all geographies.

By working with AIRBUS AirSense, FlightAware and Aireon, N-Tracking has access to and can intelligently prioritize between ADS-B (terrestrial and space-based), ASDE-X, multilateration ATC feeds, FAA and Eurocontrol data and ACARS position data to provide the most cost-effective and accurate surveillance, as well weather and flight hazard forecasts from DTN.

Shawn MECHELKE, Vice President OCC Products at NAVBLUE, said: “N-Tracking is the next generation of aircraft tracking and decision support solution that delivers high value to airlines. We have built business partnerships to gain access to the most accurate and complete global aircraft surveillance data in the industry along with weather content. We work closely with our customer airlines to meet all safety, operational and GADSS compliant requirements, and look forward to continuing to advance N-Tracking as the most innovative solution in the industry”.