New aircraft announced by ATR

ATR has announced the launch of the ATR 42-600S – a new, high performing variant of the in-service ATR 42. The S represents the -600’s STOL capability, or Short Take-Off and Landing.

Improved performance means that the 42-600 will be capable of take-off and landings on runways as short as 800m with up to 42 passengers on board.

To-date, ATR has in the region of 20 commitments from operators and lessors, with certification of the variant slated for Q3-Q4 of 2022.

According to ATR, the 42-600S will have a larger rudder compared to standard 42s for increased control of the aircraft at lower speed, in addition to an autobrake system and increased braking efficiency to enable shorter landing distances.

The manufacturer highlighted in its announcement that there are almost 500 airports worldwide with a runway between 800-1,000m.