New Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect Mobile App Designed To Help Increase Flight Efficiency, Improve Crew Engagement

New Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect Mobile App Designed To Help Increase Flight Efficiency, Improve Crew Engagement

Honeywell has launched a new mobile app for pilots that is designed to improve fuel savings while increasing crew interaction throughout the flight. The new Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect app will work with Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency to better enable flight efficiency insights and recommendations. The mobile app will be available in the app store for Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency customers in March 2022.

Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect will provide improved situational awareness and give an overview of how it can boost flight efficiency. Combined with pilots’ collective flying experience, airlines will be able to seamlessly integrate fuel efficiency information into their flight briefing and debriefing process. A key advantage of the app is that airlines can customize the flight efficiency insights they share.

“The existing mobile app, formerly known as GoDirect Fuel Efficiency, allows flight efficiency managers to export dashboards from the data analytics portal to a mobile device. While this approach provides flexibility and customization, there is now an increasing need for the data insights to be presented in a more interactive manner that is aligned with the practical and immediate needs of the pilots,” said Philippe Chevrier, president, services and connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace. “Additionally, our fully customizable Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect mobile app will not only include all of the features and functionalities of the existing app but will also incorporate several new advanced enhancements to improve pilot engagement.”

More than 3,000 aircraft rely on Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency, an enterprise performance management solution, to improve flight efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Key features of the platform are trajectory analytics using machine learning algorithms that can automatically detect flight events and procedures such as automated shortcut detection, holding detection, acceleration altitude reduction and continuous descent operations; data analysis to help airlines analyze multiple disparate sources of data simultaneously to measure performance and derive insights for more efficient operations; and emissions reduction.


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