Norwegian Remote Towers project achieves successful first landing.

The Remote Towers project is located at Bodø, Norway, and is a collaboration between the airport and air navigation service provider Avinor and the technology companies Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Indra.

According to Avinor, The Remote Tower Centre successfully guided its first commercial passenger flight to the Arctic airport of Røst in Norway on 19th October.

“The remote towers technology is an important capability enabling a sustainable aviation service in the rural areas of Norway, many of which are in the Arctic,” says Avinor CEO, Mr. Dag Falk-Petersen. “It also provides us with the opportunity to build a robust knowledge hub for tower operators, which today are stationed in small towers in rural communities. When fully rolled out the Remote Towers will ensure more cost-effective airport operations and better accessibility to regional airports.”

In order to achieve final approvals, Avinor explains that the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority required evidence that the Remote Towers technology can provide equal or better safety standards over conventional airport setups.

The technology is still effectively in test mode but has now received first approvals.