OASES Partners With Holiday Europe

OASES Partners With Holiday Europe

Airworthiness and MRO software developer OASES added a partnership with Holiday Europe, the Bulgarian airline based in Sofia recently. The company operates a fleet of Airbus A320s and has opted to implement a number of OASES modules including Airworthiness, Planning, Line Maintenance and Materials Management.

The company says using OASES will enable Holiday Europe to “future-proof its business growth” while offering a unified and configurable platform for driving and monitoring their MRO operations, focusing on best practice and compliance procedures.

Implementing OASES brings advantages for Holiday Europe including streamlined airworthiness processes which can be planned, executed, accelerated, logged, and automatically captured for compliance monitoring and reporting; intelligent line maintenance, with the integration of data feeds from EFB, ETL, e-enabled aircraft and electronic operations systems, enabling the control of short-term maintenance planning, aircraft defects and the materials required to support rectification; and material management with the improved cost-effectiveness of stock control.

“We were looking for an industry-proven, all-in-one solution for our aircraft and OASES stood out from the crowd with its comprehensive functionality, excellent support structure and a development pathway that will future-proof our operations for years to come,” said Petko Christoff, CEO of Holiday Europe. “The implementation of OASES will help us bring major benefits to our customers through operational efficiencies, reduced maintenance, simplified processes and improved productivity. Our partnership will help us stay at the leading edge of technological innovation.”

Paul Lynch, managing director of OASES, said, “We are excited to partner with Holiday Europe on what we hope will be a long and successful journey with them.”

Holiday Europe will commence its OASES Cloud implementation in March and will go live with OASES shortly thereafter.