OWG Selects SKYTRAC to Enable SATCOM Capabilities

OWG Selects SKYTRAC to Enable SATCOM Capabilities

SKYTRAC announced that OWG, a new airline based in Quebec, will utilize SKYTRAC’s satellite communications technologies to enable numerous capabilities onboard their fleet of upgraded Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

Onboard the fleet of Boeings is SKYTRAC’s flagship satellite transceiver, the ISAT-200A, a central piece to enabling the powerful satellite communications technologies advertised by OWG. The proven multifunctional system enables real-time two-way communications, accurate flight data monitoring and analysis, and allows OWG to track their fleet activity globally from pole-to-pole. The airline’s mission is to provide customers with a better flying experience through comfort, technology, and safety features.

“Adding the SKYTRAC system to our new fleet of Boeing 737-400 was a no-brainer for the OWG division. Following our aircraft in real time is a must – the rest of the features are bonus points,” mentioned Marco Prud’homme, president of OWG.

In addition to tracking and communications, SKYTRAC’s intelligent connectivity SATCOM system will also detect premature failures and immediately dispatch automatic alerts in real-time to ground crews, ensuring the safety of passengers and reducing possible AOG times for the aircraft.

“As a Canadian company, we are excited to see the launch of OWG, especially during such a difficult time within the aviation sector,” mentioned Jan van der Heul, Vice President of Sales at SKYTRAC. “The new airline will no doubt provide an economic boost within the region while also giving residents of Quebec a world-class flying experience above and beyond customer expectations. We’re excited to be a central piece onboard OWG’s fleet and look forward to continuing a positive relationship.”