Petroleum Air Services (PAS) Chooses AMOS

Petroleum Air Services (PAS) and Swiss-AS have signed agreements regarding the purchase and implementation of AMOS. Swiss says PAS was searching the market for a fully integrated turnkey solution to provide them option to adapt to new requirements without changes to the source code.
After a quick and efficient evaluation of the MRO software available on the market, PAS selected AMOS.

AMOS will be implemented without any customer specific changes and PAS can rely on a proven software that reflects industry-best-practices and allows managing both their aircraft and helicopters within one single system. When selecting AMOS customers also obtain a comprehensive maintenance agreement that guarantees two major releases per year. This assurance proved to be one key factor in convincing PAS that AMOS was indeed the future-proof solution they were looking for.

AMOS stresses they have been supporting helicopter operators right from the beginning, when the Swiss Air-Rescue (= Rega) signed for AMOS in 1992. Over the years, the percentage of helicopters maintained within the AMOS Community has constantly increased and, as a result, the rotor wing dedicated functionalities have been expanded accordingly.

Swiss says AMOS incorporates globally integrated supply chain management of spares and health monitoring of vibration characteristics of the airframe and rotating components. In addition to the many AMOS interfaces available, the utilization of the flight schedule interfaces, along with mission configuration, enables precise monitoring of operating times and parameter exceedance. The company says this combination of features allows AMOS to support the industry-wide requirements for dynamic control to maintain the safety of helicopters.

“With the PAS decision to go for AMOS, the number of rotor wing operators among the AMOS Community is increasing and this demonstrates the capability of AMOS. With only one software, our customers are in the position to manage a mixed fixed wing and rotor wing fleet,” states Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.