Ramco and EXSYN Aviation Partner for Aircraft Data Migration

Ramco Systems has opted to partner with EXSYN in the area of aircraft data migration, offering joint implementation services of Ramco Aviation M&E MRO Suite V5.8. This partnership between both the companies will enable new clients onboarding Ramco Aviation Suite to rely on the expertise and bespoke technology of EXSYN in order to smoothly migrate their data from existing systems into Ramco application.  

“With EXSYN’s global expertise on migration of aircraft data through their tested process and tools, we believe that our partnership will enable our customers to manage the complex data migration process efficiently,” Sam Jacob, SVP & head of Ramco Aviation, Aerospace and Defense, Ramco Systems, says. “By addressing this critical element, our customers will be able to reduce the time to implement and reap the benefits of Ramco Aviation Suite faster.”  

Sander de Bree, CEO of EXSYN Aviation Solutions, adds, “Ramco’s Aviation M&E MRO Suite is a MRO software used globally by many industry leading aviation companies. As EXSYN we are leaders in the migration of aircraft data. Combining our expertise only makes sense in order to ensure a robust data migration process as part of Ramco’s implementations.”

The data migration for Iberia Maintenance & Engineering across 15+ different legacy applications to Ramco Aviation Suite marks the first project of this partnership, put to action.