Ramco Systems Launches Aviation Suite V5.9.6 and Major Customer Reaffirms Relationship

Ramco Systems Launches Aviation Suite V5.9.6 and Major Customer Reaffirms Relationship

Ramco Systems announced the release of version 5.9.6 of its Aviation Suite — a product release designed to improve usability and enhance efficiency for MROs and operators. With enhancements across various business models, this release delivers toolsets aimed at driving digital transformation for aviation enterprises.

Ramco Aviation Suite V5.9.6 offers customers the ability to realize true paperless maintenance operations with the enhanced content management module — ePublications, which is seamlessly integrated with Ramco’s full-function and native mobile “anywhere” apps. The solution simplifies complex assembly maintenance with comprehensive improvements in work planning, execution, and closure functions, enabling the complete management of complex assembly maintenance processes within the system. Enhancements in the solution’s material requirements planning (MRP) and work order scheduling modules will enable organizations to optimize their existing labor, capacity and material resources. On the MRO sales front, the solution enables customers to model over 150 variants of contracts across various MRO business segments. Ramco’s customer portal will serve as a centralized location for customers to access information, perform approvals, raise service requests, communicate with the MRO and much more. Thus, helping them improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and increase revenue.

“We are thrilled to introduce the latest version of Ramco Aviation Suite, which further solidifies our presence in the industry as one of the true enterprise applications,” said Manoj Kumar Singh, chief customer officer — aviation, aerospace and defense, Ramco Systems. “It’s a significant milestone in our commitment to helping companies in the industry digitally transform their business. With its powerful new features and comprehensive toolset, Ramco Aviation Suite empowers organizations to drive efficiency and growth, thereby enabling them to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. We are excited to witness the positive impact Ramco Aviation Suite will have on businesses, as they leverage its capabilities to unlock their true potential.”

Meanwhile, Ramco Systems also announced that it will implement its next-gen Aviation Suite V5.9 at AI Engineering Services Limited (AIESL). Ramco says their digital platform will further enrich the 20-year-old association with AIESL, thereby offering them operational efficiency, simplified processes and enhanced customer experience.

Ramco Aviation Suite will provide AIESL with modules covering third-party MRO services including line, hangar, engine and component maintenance, engineering and CAMO services, supply chain management and digital task cards. The solution will also enable AIESL to connect with suppliers, thereby aiding the flow of information. Through an accelerated data migration and execution plan, the implementation of Ramco Aviation Suite will be streamlined for rapid integration and quicker deployment.

“Our decision to adopt Ramco Aviation Suite was driven by its unmatched compatibility with our strategic direction,” said Shri Sharad Agarwal, CEO, AI Engineering Services Ltd. “Considering the comprehensive MRO-specific functionalities, and out-of-the-box solution, we are keen to leverage Ramco Aviation Suite to drive efficiencies, transform our operations and support our vision to provide best-in-class services to our customers by maintaining the highest standards of regulatory and safety compliance. With Ramco’s latest technology, we look forward to staying ahead on the innovation front and delivering superior and differentiated services to our customers.”