Rolls-Royce Opts for QOCO Systems as Digitalization Partner

QOCO Systems has announced a new digitalization partnership with Rolls-Royce. Aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce chose Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to enable automated communications between airline maintenance information systems and its digitally enhanced services. QOCO,’s developer, will be responsible for rolling out the solution to all Rolls-Royce customer airlines and providing production support services for business-critical data exchange.

“Our customers share data with us so that we can provide the best possible service outcomes,” Nick Ward, VP Digital Systems at Rolls-Royce said. “With accurate, timely data we can treat every engine as an individual, helping our customers to achieve high engine availability and reliability while minimising maintenance. It’s part of our IntelligentEngine vision.”

According to QOCO Managing Director Markku Nyman, “We are thrilled with what’s only the first stage of the Rolls-Royce–QOCO partnership. Together, we have the necessary expertise and skill set to pursue digital transformation in the aviation industry and give airlines rapid access to the benefits of data-driven solutions while tackling typical integration issues.”

The Rolls-Royce–QOCO partnership began in 2018 when Rolls-Royce chose QOCO to accelerate its global digitalization initiative. QOCO’s deep industry expertise, delivery capability of robust data exchange solutions for airlines and state-of-the-art proven solution made it a prime candidate to become Rolls-Royce’s strategic partner.

Rolls-Royce and QOCO say they will continue to work in tandem to help airlines optimize business processes. By automating real-world data exchange with Rolls-Royce digital services and, carriers can reduce operational costs, gather insights on each trip, maximize Trent engines’ utilization and optimize maintenance schedules.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a practical solution to data collaboration,” said Richard Swallow, head of Digital Service Readiness at Rolls-Royce. “ gives airlines complete control over the data they choose to automatically share with and receive from us. And they have confidence that the data transfer is fully secure. It’s very effective, reducing the effort required by our customers to operate some services by over 50%.”