SkyWest Airlines Will Be Launch Customer for Thomas Global TFD-4000 LCD Flight Displays

SkyWest Airlines Will Be Launch Customer for Thomas Global TFD-4000 LCD Flight Displays

Thomas Global announced that it has secured SkyWest Airlines, as the launch customer to upgrade its CRJ Pro Line 4 flight decks with Thomas Global’s TFD-4000 LCD flight displays beginning this summer.

The TFD-4000 LCD retrofit for the EFD-4076 Pro Line 4 CRT displays captures the performance, reliability, and lifecycle cost benefits of AMLCD technology, restores flight display supply chain dependability, and ensures long-term product support for the Pro Line 4 platform.

“Bringing the TFD-4000 drop-in LCD solution to CRJ and other Pro Line 4 operators is a huge accomplishment and a key step in helping our Pro Line 4 customers get the most from their flight deck investment,” Angus Hutchinson, Thomas Global CEO, said. “We deeply appreciate and thank SkyWest for choosing Thomas Global, and for their important role in making the TFD-4000 LCD product launch and rollout a success. We look forward to providing SkyWest with dependable, long-term product support for their Pro Line 4 flight decks.”

The TFD-4000 plug-and-play LCD solution is a form-fit upgrade for legacy Collins Aerospace EFD-4076 CRT displays currently installed on Bombardier CRJ Series and other Pro Line 4 flight decks. The TFD-4000 allows operators to efficiently resolve CRT obsolescence, avoid major flight deck modifications, significantly enhance display reliability, and lower lifecycle costs by combining high performance AMLCD technology and a proven analog-to-digital (A-D) software core design. The TFD-4000 integrates seamlessly into existing EFD-4076 Pro Line 4 architecture and Built-In Test Equipment (BITE), is interchangeable and intermixable with legacy EFD-4076 CRT displays and does not impact OEM display software Service Bulletins.

The TFD-4000 completed FAA certification in early March. Deliveries to SkyWest are expected to begin mid-2022.