Smartwings Group Selects Conduce eTechLog8

Smartwings Group Selects Conduce eTechLog8

Czechia-based airline Smartwings Group has selected the Conduce eTechLog8 solution for deployment across the fleet. The selection of Conduce was taken after fully evaluating the ELB market over a period of time. The evaluation process was both lengthy and detailed, including at one stage considering the option to develop an application internally.

Ultimately the selection of Conduce as its ELB provider was made for several reasons. These included the fact that Conduce had a wide variety of airlines, including scheduled, cargo, ACMI and specialist operators, giving Smartwings the confidence that the application could handle all the operations conducted across the Smartwings Group.

Petr Hutla, director of technical procurement stated that, “By selecting Conduce to provide our ELB solution we know that we have selected an extremely competent partner to join us on the digitalization journey. During our evaluation and selection process we saw Conduce grow and further develop its solutions as more and more airlines subscribed to the service. We are convinced that Smartwings will benefit greatly from the adoption of eTechLog8.”

eTechLog8 is part of a mission critical suite of applications and will provide flight crew, cabin crew and engineers alike with an intuitive, user-friendly electronic solution for the completion of flight logs, defect findings and actions, servicing and acceptance into service. Automatic data transmission from the tail-assigned cockpit devices will give MCC / MOC real-time aircraft technical status. Also included is full integration with the fleet MELs along with interactive LOPA charts for cabin defect reporting. This will allow for greater efficiency during both the aircraft turnaround phase alongside the enablement of proactive planning for maintenance tasks across the fleet.

The project will also involve full integration with several of Smartwings’ existing solutions, including ACARS, CAMO/MRO systems and flight scheduling software.