Stelae Partners with umlaut to Offer Automated Document Transformation Platform for MROs, Aerospace and Defense OEMs

While sensor/IOT data streams have been processed and analyzed, 90% of data in the industry in still in the form of paper or at best PDFs. This ‘dark data’ needs to be unlocked and utilized for predictive maintenance and analytics solutions enabling comprehensive results. Or even quite simply to create interactive manuals (IETM), reducing the use of paper and making them viewable on handheld devices.

Forty percent of MROs are still using Excel and manual copy/paste workflows from source documents like Service Repair Manuals (SRM), Service Bulletins (SB), and Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) etc to create Engineering Orders compliant with regulators, the companies stress.

Covid 19 has highlighted the short-term crucial need to significantly reduce paper based work-flows to increase productivity and turn-around times due to reduction in maintenance crews and some of them working on shifts to maintain distancing norms. MROs need to accelerate their digitalization solutions for the longer term by implementing Predictive Maintenance and Analytics solutions to speed up their MRO processes.

Stelae Technologies’ software, Khemeia, addresses this problem, transforming documents (PDF, Word, RTF) into structured, searchable, analyzable and reusable outputs, compliant with Aerospace standards like S1000D for Technical Documents, S2000M for Materials Management, DITA, Json and customer defined Data Schemas. The documents types cover the entire spectrum from Task Cards, Panel Lists SRM, SB, AMM, CMM and Illustrated Product Catalogues.

Currently a manual or semi-automated process using scripts like Python, Khemeia can bring scale and efficiency to this process.

Khemeia will be integrated into umlaut’s Digital Transformation solutions which finds extensive business applications for Aerospace and Defense OEMs and MRO service providers.

“umlaut is enabling global OEMs accelerate their digital transformation,” said Dr. Ashish Mishra, CEO, umlaut. “We have built a suite of digitalization products and solutions to improve the operational efficiency and deliver positive business impact. Bringing Khemei as part of our solution will significantly benefit our customers in MRO sector.”

Aruna Schwarz, CEO & Co-Founder of Stelae Technologies added that, “We have been one of the pioneers in this space, working with companies since 2012 in the Avionics and Defense sector, to transform technical publications to S1000D– creating an automated, scalable and cost-effective solution to transform large data volumes. This is the essential first step in order to create Digital Maintenance solutions for the Aerospace and Defense MROs.”