Swiss-AS Publishes its latest AMOS Release 21.12

Swiss-AS Publishes its latest AMOS Release 21.12

AMOS 21.12 was recently published by Swiss-AS. The product has improved the AMOSmobile/STORES interface with splash screen, responsive login screen, centralized settings and light or dark theme, the company says. The company has also incorporated new functions.

Swiss-AS says it has also enhanced the Certificate Management feature to better handle internal and external certificates. Weight & Balance and Weight & Balance Setup, formerly Modification Control Setup, have been extended to be able to calculate the lateral center of gravity (CoG). Additionally, two new BETA programs, Component Workpackage and Component Planning, have been created to plan and control all internal and external components that need to be sent to the shop for repair. Component Planning aims at becoming the single entry point to plan component maintenance in a shop.


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