Teledyne ICM Enlarges Digital Offerings, Adds Paulus to Team

Digital radiography revolution is taking the NDT world by storm. The industrial x-ray landscape has drastically changed in the last few years. It is hard to ignore the impact the digital transformation has had, whether you are old guard and still like silver films, or a die-hard DR fan.

After releasing their GO-SCAN 1510 (Class-B approved), Teledyne ICM is growing their digital line by introducing two new a-Si detectors and, the GO-SCAN 4335 and 3025. These new products have large active areas, shock-absorbing hard protective sleeves, and a lightweight form factor. These new GO-SCAN digital panels have been designed to meet NDT technicians’ requirements in terms of ease-of-use, ruggedness, and image quality, the company says.

Although compatible with most generators, the GO-SCAN line works best with compact and ruggedized x-ray sources. Alongside their expanding CPSERIES, the company’s engineers have developed add-ons for our battery-operated generators. The new “ruggedized structure” for instance, will match the harsh conditions in the hangar and shield it from unexpected blows. 

Teledyne ICM has also added Antoine Paulus to their team. Paulus will be the new head of their after-sales service and technical support.