Testing Tool Being Added to Boeing AMMs

Testing Tool Being Added to Boeing AMMs

The ExLRT loop resistance tester has been awarded ATEX and IECEx Intrinsically Safe certification. The company adds that UL certification is due to follow within weeks for the loop testing tool.

“The Intrinsically Safe certification of the ExLRT is the latest stage in what has been an extensive and close collaboration with Boeing to create a world-class tool. The key requirement was an Intrinsically Safe design – once this was achieved, we knew the product would be well-received,” says Alan Wilson, engineering director at MK Test Systems.

The ExLRT is classified for Zone 0 useage, meaning it can be used on fueled and unfueled aircraft. Users can now carry out loop resistance testing using a significantly lighter, advanced tool than the current industry standard LRT. “We developed the ExLRT as a much-needed replacement for the existing LRT,” said Carl Bullock, managing director at MK Test Systems. “It eradicates the problems commonly associated with the current tool which is heavy, uses ageing technology and has obsolescence issues. I’m incredibly proud of the team for their efforts in developing such a fantastic new product.”

A detailed document update program is underway by Boeing to ensure operators are aware of the newly approval tool. The aircraft manufacturer has released a Multi Operator Message (MOM) confirming the ExLRT is an approved alternative to the LRT. The MOM also advises that Boeing will grant a Non-Technical Objection (NTO) prior to the AMMs being updated in 2020.

The company says the ExLRT is now commercially available; the first units will be delivered to Boeing any day.