Thales to Deliver Iridium Certus Aircraft Connectivity Services

Thales has expanded its partnership with Iridium as the newest Iridium Certus aviation service provider. With FlytLINK, Thales already offers the avionics that use the Iridium Certus service, and will now be able to offer both the Iridium Certus terminals and Iridium Certus connectivity services to business jets, commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, general aviation, military and UAVs. 

Thales says they will begin delivering its FlytLINK terminal and antenna to customers in the first half of 2020, being first to market with an Iridium Certus aviation solution capable of 352 Kbps transmit and 704 Kbps receive speeds. Thales FlytLINK will provide next generation, truly global connectivity for cockpit and cabin communications using the L-band broadband platform. This includes a hybrid FlytLINK solution that combines Iridium Certus capabilities with Iridium’s traditional narrowband services which will be available with its initial release. Its safety features include support for current and next generation Air Traffic Control systems, high quality voice, ACARS and IP data up to 704 kbps. It also supports electronic flight bag pairing, real-time weather, secure pilot and crew Wi-Fi access and enhanced calling.

“With their initial FlytLINK terminal for Iridium Certus, Thales has taken the proven reliability of Iridium’s existing safety services and paired it with the increased speed and power of the Iridium Certus service,” said Tim Last, vice president and general manager of aviation, Iridium.  “This strategy enables full adoption of the new FlytLINK terminal, with safety services capabilities using Iridium Certus once those receive the necessary regulatory approvals.  We’re excited to see this new terminal and service come to market from Thales, a company with a known expertise in global aviation.”

Thales and Iridium continue to strengthen their partnership as Thales is the only company manufacturing  solutions for land, maritime and aviation that use Iridium Certus services. The ThalesLINK product family provides users with low latency and the fastest Iridium Certus speeds. Thales is delivering the future of connectivity to customers, today.

“We’re excited to provide 100% truly global connectivity to the people that depend on us. Being able to offer both a future-proof solution onboard the aircraft as well as the airtime services for Iridium Certus provides Thales with a unique competitive advantage,” says Craig Olson, vice president of Connectivity Solutions, Thales InFlyt Experience. “Not only will Thales FlytLINK be first to market with a terminal capable of 704 Kbps, but we will offer a one-stop comprehensive solution to all types of aircraft anywhere in the world.”