The International Space Station National Laboratory and Privateer Announce Data and Information Sharing Partnership for Growing Space Community

The International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory and Privateer Space, a leader in space decision intelligence and data infrastructure, announced a partnership to bring additional resources to the growing space economy. The announcement was made during a session at the annual ISS Research and Development Conference (ISSRDC) focused on companies innovating within the space landscape.

In 2022, Privateer developed Wayfinder, a free online tool that provides real-time data of satellite and debris visualization in space. The platform can be used by interested partners and agencies, as well as the general public, to keep space safe and accessible. Wayfinder can also serve as a marketplace for low-cost access to a variety of global remote sensing data to improve life on Earth.

The Privateer team has coordinated with the ISS National Lab to develop a white label version of Wayfinder that will be housed on the ISS National Lab website, providing space traffic information to those interested in leveraging the orbiting laboratory for research purposes. Through this partnership, the ISS National Lab seeks to provide additional information on the space station for incorporation into the tool, including crew and launch schedules, research investigations being done on station, and more.

“Open access to ISS tracking, telemetry, and mission knowledge is pivotal; it’s the key to global collaboration, education, and transparency in space, uniting us all in pursuit of scientific discovery,” said Privateer Chief Executive Officer Alex Fielding. “We’re thrilled to share this partnership with the ISS National Lab, which perfectly fits our mission to grow the benefits to Earth from a sustainable space environment.”

Through this partnership with Privateer, the ISS National Lab hopes to make space traffic information more readily available to the expanding space economy. “As the space community continues to grow, it is important that we do so in a manner that allows for safe and consistent flow of space traffic,” said ISS National Lab Chief Operating Officer Francisco Cordova. “This partnership will allow for the ISS National Lab community to leverage tools that will provide awareness on activity in low Earth orbit and beyond while also expanding insight into how space station research and technology development is bringing benefit to humanity.”