Thommen Offers Digital Replacement Services for Legacy CRT and LCD Displays

Thommen Aircraft Equipment specializes in offering customized aftermarket digital replacements for legacy CRT or LCD cockpit and mission displays which are no longer supported or serviceable. LCDs (liquid crystal displays) can be tailor-cut to various sizes, even in small volumes.

“We can offer inhouse lamination and assembly services in a clean and fully temperature and humidity controlled environment with aerospace- grade standards,” said Thomas Terschlusen, director of Sales and Marketing. “Thanks to a state- of-the-art ISO class 5 certified cleanroom and display manufacturing line, THOMMEN’s flexible display manufacturing techniques are making LCD customization possible for virtually any size displays in use in aircraft cockpits and mission systems, thereby solving painful obsolescence issues.”

Optical bonding dramatically reduces reflections in displays by adding specific filters and by eliminating air gaps between the layers. It greatly enhances readability, especially in direct sunlight or bright cockpit conditions. Optical bonding also prevents condensation and improves mechanical shock resistance. A modern display unit with a clearly readable user interface not only brings a huge cost benefit compared to high- maintenance legacy CRT products, it above all enhances the pilot’s perception of the equipment and improves flight safety overall.