Toyo Aviation Includes Leon in Formula for Excellence in Operations

With a fleet of five business jets and a dedicated team full of aviation passionates, Toyo Aviation extends their business line beyond the basic charter service. From cargo deliveries and aircraft management to CAMO services, Toyo strives to go the extra mile. They offer multiple travel destinations and services tailored to preferences of their client base.

The main deciding factor for Toyo was the OPS part specifically. The company says having the tools to send handling requests directly from the system is key. They say the interface is clean and easy to understand, adding valuable time, especially when urgent flights are confirmed having STD in 2/3 hours.

The company says their program organizes the way the information flows inside our operations control, allowing flight departments to visualize who did what changes in a very smart and intuitive history tab and combines it with the checklist part that gives dispatchers a fresh perspective on how they change shifts. Everything is in one place and dynamically updated. Although this might seem minor at first glance, it is an impressive tool that lets operations personnel concentrate on important actions and not on the routine.

“I could tell from the very first days of free trial, this was the thing I’ve been hoping for our operations,” says Ionut Biru, OCC manager at Toyo Aviation. “[Leon] simply adds so much value to how everything works in the backstage of an aircraft operator and increases quite a lot the cooperation of the involved departments (OCC, maintenance, crew, sales etc).”