Triple P – Permit Processing Platform Promises to Change the Processes for Obtaining Landing Permits

APOLAX Soft is a new software development company and its team says their aim is to create different platforms and software dedicated to the Civil Aviation Authorities, which will help to minimize the time required to process different working flows and cost efficient solutions. The first product that will be offered to the market is the landing Permit Processing Platform. This is a platform that is a key solution for the Civil Aviation Authorities of countries where it is mandatory to obtain a landing permit before the departure from origin. 

After a year of collaboration, APOLAX Soft and GentLab created the first engine. The company created an initial model of a platform on which they hope to build up the Landing Permit Processing Platform as per need of particular CAA.

Main Features of Triple P

Triple P is a totally new channel of information exchange, encouraging a change of habits and making obtaining permits easier.

Triple P gives the possibility to process landing permit applications from any location worldwide, without any need to be at a particular place, even from a mobile device or from a tablet.

Triple P gives unlimited possibilities to the Civil Aviation Authority to make a full systematization of all flights, operators, handling suppliers, handling agents, aircraft documents, to check any document validity in the database of submitted documentation and to monitor all processes without additional efforts.

Platform users can also directly communicate with each other without leaving the platform, sending separate mail, AFTN, or SITA message or calling by phone.

Triple P can also give the possibility to search any flight with flight number, permit number, operator, airport code, and has the possibility to give full statistics according to pre-arrange description, as well to give full information on the register of issued permits.

The Triple P working process is very simple. Once a particular operator, or handling supplier, submits a permit application, CAA’s permit department duty officer will get a notification on accepted new request. He/she will overview the initial request, flight details, passenger, crew data, submitted documents validity, its status, and if one will consider that the application meets legislation requirements, one is pushing the approval button.

Once all parties designated by CAA with such authorization will approve the landing permit application, CAA’s permit department duty officer will make a final review of all approvals and give the final approval on the permit application.

After the final approval, the system will automatically generate a landing permit number and it will be automatically shown in all user’s dashboards that are participating in the permit application approval process.

Triple P also helps its potential users, operators or handling suppliers by simplifying permit obtaining processes. The request form given in the platform is built up according to the requirements of a particular CAA. Step by step, the permit applicants are asked to provide all required information or documents needed for obtaining a landing permit. 

From the moment of submitting a permit request, until the granting of a landing permit, applicants can see the actual status of the permit and at what stage it is pending. 

Triple P’s logic is built in such a way that gives the possibility of its user applicants to update any submitted information at any time, it does not matter if you are updating flight schedule, or making aircraft change, changing arrival or destination airport, passengers or crews assigned for a particular flight. The platform gives the possibility to make any required updates as often as needed. Each update in the platform will be shown as a revised application.

After submission of a filled out questionnaire by appropriate CAA, in 15 working days the APOLAX team gives a full report on how the system will be rebuilt, what the final interface of the product will be and what will be delivered as the final product. From the signing of the purchase agreement with particular CAA, the IT team starts working on the creation of the final version of Triple P. The average time of creating the final version of Triple P for a particular CAA can take three to five months. 

Triple P is the only platform worldwide that can be totally free of charge for customers who are ordering this platform. APOLAX Soft has created special price offers that depend on particular CAA requirements and can be different according to using cloud technology or using local servers of CAA. 

The company says their ultimate goal is to create a completely new platform which will simplify the work of people involved in the landing permit obtaining process, speed up a time sensitive process and create the basis to completely change the workflow of CAA’s everyday life.