Two Diehl Aviation Finalists Competing for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2020

Diehl Aviation has put forward several candidates for the Crystal Cabin Award (CCA) Competition 2020, with two now selected by the CCA jury as finalists. Traditionally, Diehl Aviation, a supplier of cabin equipment and aircraft systems to the aviation industry, is represented at the CCA every year, underlining its commitment to continuous innovation and improvement in cabin equipment products.

The CCA is the leading international innovation award in the field of aircraft cabins. Winners are announced each year in the week of the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. In 2020, the CCA will be awarded in a total of eight categories on 31 March in Hamburg. Diehl Aviation is represented in two categories with one of three finalists:

In the “Material and Components” category, the company is represented by “Experience Line Bridge”. This novel aircraft cabin projection technology allows for extending conventional cabin lighting with impressive digital decors and patterns as well as with images and videos. This provides airlines with greater creative freedom and opens up a new dimension of flight experience for passengers.

In the “Greener Cabin, Health, Safety & Environment” category, Diehl has submitted the “Grey Water Re-Use” concept, which can be used to reduce water consumption on board of commercial aircraft. The new technology treats grey water from lavatory washbasins to use it for flushing toilets. In addition to cost reductions, this can be applied to make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of air traffic.