U. S., Japan Host First Space Engagement Talks

U. S., Japan Host First Space Engagement Talks

U.S. Space Force deputy chief of space operations, strategy, plans, programs and requirements, Lt. Gen. Philip A. Garrant, recently made history by leading the first-ever Space Engagement Talks with Japan, aiming to enhance combined space operations and establish a bilateral roadmap for future collaboration.

“The U.S.-Japan Space Engagement Talks represent a further expansion of our strong alliance into the space domain,” emphasized the commander of United States Space Forces Indo-Pacific, Brig. Gen. Anthony J. Mastalir, who hosted the event. “Through these talks and Space Working Groups to follow, we can build a roadmap for cooperation to ensure safety and security in space for our nations and all responsible actors.”

The USSF-JASDF Space Engagement Talks serve as a model of the U.S.-Japan Alliance’s commitment to space collaboration and reinforces the significance of partnerships in achieving shared objectives.

“It’s an exciting time to participate in the Space Engagement Talks with Japan,” said Mastalir. “This forum is an excellent mechanism to drive new collaborative efforts with allies and partners, and to ensure we preserve security, stability, and long-term sustainability of space for the INDOPACOM region.”

The U.S. Space Force’s “Partner to Win” line of effort drives the collaboration, recognizing the strategic advantage that the global network of alliances and partnerships offers. The potential benefits of such collaborations include greater situational awareness, improved operational effectiveness, and increased resiliency in the face of emerging threats. For example, countries with advanced space capabilities can provide technical assistance and training to those with developing space programs, while those with access to strategic locations and infrastructure can provide valuable support in areas like satellite tracking and communication.

“These talks are another example of how our two countries are working together to defend the space domain and support our bilateral joint forces,” Mastalir explained. “I’m grateful for our strong alliance with Japan and proud to be part of this important effort to advance our space operations cooperation.”