Unison Industries Signs Agreement with Blue Origin for BE-7, BE-3U and BE-4 Ignition Systems

Unison Industries announced a long-term agreement with Blue Origin to design, manufacture, test and support ignition systems for Blue Origin’s BE-7, BE-3U and BE-4 engines.

The BE-4 engine, the world’s most powerful liquid oxygen/liquified natural gas engine, powers Blue Origin’s New Glenn and United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan launch vehicles. Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle is powered by the BE-3U, and BE-7 powers the Blue Moon Lunar Lander.

“Unison supplies advanced performance solutions for nearly every engine and airframe program in the world,” Tom Hoferer, president of Unison Industries, said. “However, the benefits of Unison’s technology reach far beyond the aerospace market. Our large product portfolio, in particular our ignition systems, have been supporting both military and commercial space missions for decades. We look forward to working with Blue Origin to ensure mission readiness and help them to reach new frontiers in space travel.”