Universal Synaptics Releases Synapse

Universal Synaptics has released Synapse, a new Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation application which the company says “maximizes usability and provides an exceptional user experience.”

According to Universal Synaptics, Synapse optimizes the speed and efficiency enhancements made to their patented intermittent fault detection and isolation platforms. Synapse integrates through backward compatibility to all previously deployed IFDIS, IFDIS 2.0, and portable IFD models.

Universal Synaptics’ technician user group provided feedback to create a reimagined technician and troubleshooting experience to guide the IFDIS, IFDIS 2.0, and portable IFD operator through an intuitive test process leading to quick and comprehensive test results to achieve accurate and effective ground-based repair outcomes. Synapse is designed to inspire with its modern and intuitive user interface making it easier than ever to operate Universal Synaptics’ Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation technology solutions.Synapse provides security protections to safeguard defense and commercial related component information discovered during the AutoMap process in compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Security Requirements. Synapse is available now with current IFDIS, IFDIS 2.0, and portable IFD operators already receiving system upgrades.

“Synapse provides actionable troubleshooting and data management tools designed with the technician and maintainer in mind” said Ken Anderson, Universal Synaptics, President and CEO. “Our DevOps Team has performed extremely well leveraging our talent, internal processes, and UX group. Synapse provides system operators with exactly what they have been asking for – an effective AND easy-to-use intermittent fault detection and isolation platform.” To schedule your system upgrade to Synapse, please contact Universal Synaptics via phone or email: PH: 801.731.8508. EM: Contact@USynaptics.com