Wauseon Machine Announces Consolidation of Aftermarket Services Through Merger

Wauseon Machine, Inc. (WM), a provider of automation solutions, tube forming technologies, precision machining, and fabrication, announces an increase in the capacity and capability of its Aftermarket Services through the formal consolidation of McAlister Design and Automation (MDA) and WM. This merger will streamline the process for customers to receive goods and services such as preventive maintenance, repair, training, support and spare parts for automation equipment.

In 2022, WM acquired MDA to better meet the needs of its customers by broadening its automation capabilities and geographical footprint. Automation technology is the key to industry transformation across verticals, from aerospace and defense to automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, off road equipment, to warehousing.

To enhance and accelerate the adoption of automation for its customers, WM’s capabilities span mobile robot platforms, collaborative robots for human-robot teaming, and a range of other cutting-edge technologies. These forms of ‘flexible automation’ allow organizations to accommodate changes and repurpose automation solutions to fit ever-changing needs.

The wide-ranging benefits of flexible manufacturing include augment current labor force, maximized capacity utilization, and improved quality and accuracy. Organizations will also find that safety and ergonomics improve with flexible automation, while also allowing them to create jobs and minimize reliance on global outsourcing. Ultimately, the adoption of flexible automation also significantly increases profitability.