Webinar: Aerospace & Defense 4.0 – What It Is & Why It Matters

Combining emerging smart technologies to digitally transform the industry

The last year has given the aerospace industry one of its biggest ever challenges and has seen much government support to airlines based on the need to revolutionise their digital and environmental credentials.

Airlines and the broader aerospace sector will need to be more competitive and leverage new technologies and incorporate the digital transformation throughout their organizations – the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This approach uses advanced technologies to reinvent products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating operational efficiency. From digital twins to AI, the future race for digital operations transformation will be essential in a new era.

In a global survey conducted by Deloitte to assess the current state of Industry 4.0 adoption across manufacturing industries, 84 percent of Aerospace & Defence executives said they consider leveraging new digital technologies as key to market differentiation—yet only a quarter of the A&D companies are currently using these technologies and tools to access, manage, analyze, and leverage data from their digital assets to inform decision-making in real time.

Some A&D companies are already beginning to realise the transformative effects of these technologies, but what does it mean for you, how will it impact your business and what should you do to keep competitive in the future aerospace industry?


Adam Konowe, Vice President of Client Strategy, TMP


  • Helena Lisachuk, Partner, Deloitte Consulting, Netherlands
  • Matt Medley, Industry Director, Defense Manufacturing, IFS
  • Mark Fosdike, CEO and Founder, Datch
  • Sam Chandra, Captain for Pacific Airlines, Vietnam
  • Anes Hodzic, Global VP of IoT, Airbus
  • Nick Ward, VP for Digital Systems in Civil Aerospace at Rolls-Royce plc