Webinar: Boeing Mobile Logbook

As the industry pushes through the impact of the pandemic, focus will be on cost savings, and efficiency gains. Embracing digital resources can help improve accuracy and save time. Switching from paper to electronic logbooks can help streamline your operations.

Working with paper Logbooks is inefficient and time-consuming. Due to the manual nature of paper logbook, it is prone to incomplete and illegible information creating difficulties in clear communication between flight and maintenance crew. Also, managing and storing paper log books is very expensive. The many shortcomings of paper logbooks can often result in severe implications to operations and increases cost. Different teams across the organization work with tech log pages in helping airlines achieve operational goals. To improve performance you need a digital tech log solution that enables teams to efficiently perform their job while eliminating the short coming of paper tech logs.

Boeing Mobile Logbook is a fleet-agnostic electronic mobile logbook solution that replaces paper logbooks. It eliminates the challenges and shortcomings of paper logbooks. It provides much-needed efficiency and accuracy in executing critical pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight processes in the flight deck, in cabin and in line maintenance. Boeing mobile logbook automatically transfers data to the maintenance planning system for permanent storage, through integration, avoiding time consuming data entry.

Boeing Mobile Logbook application works on iOS and Windows tablets. It has 3 unique interfaces namely, Pilot interface, Cabin interface and Maintenance interface. Each interface provides unique capabilities to the persona and enables accurate and efficient data capture through the use of prefilled dropdown menus while also providing free form text fields. Workflows ensures completeness of record.

In this webinar attendees will be able to learn about Boeing Mobile Logbook capabilities. We will demonstrate a scenario illustrating capabilities of the Pilot, Cabin Crew and Maintenance Interfaces including:

  • Preflight activities such as – Pilot acceptance of the airplane, fuel uplift, and more
  • Inflight activities such as – Reporting a complaint, communication between crew device and pilot device, and more
  • Post flight activities such as – Closing the flight, disposition of reported complaint by maintenance such as deferral or closure, and more


  • Christine Gibbons – Senior Product Manager, Boeing
  • Bhavin Raval – Product Marketing Manager, Boeing