Webinar – Cybersecurity in Aerospace: How secure is it in relation to Infrastructure, Avionics, Connectivity, CNS and Data

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been another pandemic – that of cyber attacks on infrastructure. Cyber attacks, in particular the energy/oil and gas sector, such as the Ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, are become increasingly popular as a weapon of choice by hackers and cyber terrorists. Despite these having huge impacts on critical infrastructure and the broader economic well-being of the population, it isn’t perhaps quite as life threatening as such an attack on the aerospace infrastructure, or an airplane.

How secure is the aerospace infrastructure and how are we building in security and resilience?

What systems and solutions are available to mitigate such attacks during the design and manufacture stage of aircraft?

Join us for this exciting and interesting discussion ofrom a great panel of experts, who share their thoughts on the current state and future requirements of cybersecurity in aerospace.


Moderator: Norman Balchunas, Sr Director, Electronic Warfare and Cybersecurity, Honeywell Connected Aerospace – Defense

  • Timo Blunck, ATM/CNS Security, EUROCONTROL
  • Aharon David, Chief WHO (White Hat Officer), AFuzion-InfoSec
  • Florent Rizzo, Founder and CEO, CyberInflight