Webinar: How are Airlines and MROs Sharpening their Digital Tools?

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Airlines and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) companies are making big changes to their digital capabilities in order to be successful in a post-Covid environment. New challenges are emerging that must be jointly prioritized by both Airlines and MROs.

By 2032, global MRO spending should reach $126 billion, up from $79 billion in 2022.

Airlines and MROs have spent the past two years revamping operations to counter Covid-related challenges that included thousands of aircraft being parked or retired, revenue streams being disrupted, supply chains broken, and operations being run remotely.

With Covid-related restrictions now easing and flights rapidly rebounding, we are seeing immense challenges for the airline industry in ramping back up in order to cope with the huge rebound in demand for air travel, from severe staff shortages to supply chain issues. 

The resurgence of aviation will require purpose build digital tools that will allow Airlines and MROs to maximize their probability of success.

There are various kinds of IT innovations integrated into MRO with the advent of digitalization, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Digital Twins, Cloud-based software, Software-as-a-Services (SaaS), ETLs, Mobile Apps, Connected Aircraft, and other advanced and disruptive technologies. This growing digitalization of activities among airlines and MROs is rapidly increasing software penetration across the global aviation industry.

Join us on Tuesday 4th October as we explore how airlines and MRO companies utilize IT systems to digitally transform and extract efficiencies in their daily operations.


  • Mark Schulz, Founder, #DigitalAircraft


  • Sheila Becherer, Senior Product Manager, Strategy, Planning, and Innovation, AAR
  • Joel Blumenau, Director of Strategy, Planning, and Innovation, AAR
  • Matthew Kammerait, Vice President of Strategy, Planning, and Innovation, AAR