Webinar: Overcoming the Challenges of MRO Software Implementation

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In this webinar a carefully selected panel of industry experts will discuss and provide solutions for some of the key challenges organisations face when deploying MRO software.

The issues they will address are some of the most common challenges faced during software deployment:

  1. Data Migration & Integrity
  2. Resistance to Change
  3. Commitment to the Project

Following the main discussion, we will conduct a Q&A session where audience members can ask our panel about any aspects of software implementations.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Peter Mortimer – Sales Director at Rusada – Developer of MRO software ENVISION
  • Micah Haney – Director, Program Manager – INL/A at Tsymmetry – Provider of technology consulting solutions
  • Sander de Bree – Chief Visionary at EXSYN – Specialists in aircraft engineering and data analytics
  • Rory John – Project Manager: ENVISION Implementation at Solenta Aviation – Aircraft operator and maintainer providing services across Africa