Webinar: Sustainability in Aviation (Part 1) – Meeting Current Environmental Challenges

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The aviation industry has been in the spotlight for its adverse impact on the environment, despite huge strides being made to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft and engines.

Globally, aviation produced 2.4% of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2018. While this may seem like a relatively small amount, consider that if aviation was a country, it would rank 6th in the world between Japan and Germany in terms of total CO2 emissions. Non-CO2 effects, such as warming induced by aircraft contrails and other pollutants, bring aviation’s combined total contribution to global warming to approximately 5%.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shone a bigger spotlight on the sector to be more ‘green’, with much government financial support linked to environmental change. Decarbonizing aviation will take longer than other industries — new planes sold today will likely still be in operation in 2050 — that 5% of global emissions attributed to aviation is expected to grow to roughly 25% by 2050.

How do we deliver a more sustainable aviation industry:

– What are technical capabilities for environmental challenges, how do we decrease emissions and what is the CO2 limitation challenge?

– How can Fuel Efficiency IT systems and Innovations for Decarbonising contrails contribute towards sustainable aviation?

– What is the impact of the technology environment (at different stages of flight eg. TBO/4D Trajectory)?

Join us for this exciting webinar that will discuss these challenges for flight operations in the aerospace sector.


  • Jacques Gatard, CEO, OcBizDev


  • Renata Niedziela, CEO, StorkJet
  • Dr Adam Durant, CEO, SATAVIA
  • Stephane Nitenberg, VP Sales & Marketing, OpenAirlines
  • Francois Chazelle, CCO, Safety Line – SITA FOR AIRCRAFT