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10 Properties of Secure Embedded Systems

This white paper covers the most important security design principles that, if adhered to, give you a fighting chance against any attacker who seeks to gain unauthorized access, reverse engineer, steal sensitive information, or otherwise tamper with your embedded system. The beauty of these 10 principles is that they can be layered together into a cohesive set of countermeasures that achieve a multiplicative effect, making device exploitation significantly more difficult and costly for the attacker. Learn about data-at-rest, secure boot, hardware resource partitioning, software containerization and isolation, and much more.


Legacy Fighter Gets New Life From Technology Aligned with SOSA™ Standard

To help the safety of our troops and the accomplishment successful missions, the need to keep fighter jets equipped with the latest edge signal intelligence (SIGINT), electronic warfare (EW) and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) next GEN applications and align with the SOSA™ technical standard is critical. When the opportunity to participate in a DoD offering with a leading contractor, this Solutions Brief describes the how Abaco Systems was ready to meet the technical challenge.


Parasoft Automated Software Testing

Developing DO-178B-C Compliant Software for Airborne Systems

The investment required to produce software for airborne systems warrants scrupulous adherence to industry standards, such as DO-178B/C. The FAA uses DO-178B, formally titled Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, as a guide for determining software safety.

In this paper, we’ll discuss the following topics:

• Background about DO-178B/C

• Key differences between the versions

• Why policy-driven development is central to DO-178B/C compliance

• How Parasoft DTP for C and C++software helps organizations achieve DO-178B/C compliance



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